What is Cell Phone Reprogramming or Flashing?
Flashing is the process of loading specific carrier files to a cell phone in order to have it work with another carrier.We specialize in flashing Sprint phones to Verizon network which then can be used with Page Plus or Selectel. Most of Wiregrass Wireless phone flashing is 3G  with working MMS . Wiregrass Wireless also flashes Verizon and Sprint 4g LTE phones to work on Page Plus and Selectel. Example such Samsung Galaxy 2,3 and 4 . Motorola Droid Razr , Razr M, Razr HD ,HTC DNA and many more . Most all can be flashed.

Is Cellular Flashing Legal? 
The answer is yes. In fact, the Library of Congress on July 26, 2010 added exemptions to its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) covering cell phones. In part the exemptions state that users are permitted to unlock, or as some call it, jailbreak their phones and unlock firmware that ties a mobile phone to a particular wireless carrier. This law actually has been in effect in a loose form for a few.

 Is It Difficult to Reprogram a Cell Phone?
There are a few good downloadable cellular flashing programs out there that will lead you through reprogramming your phone. If you are familiar with files and have moderate computer skills . However if not careful it is possible to brick your phone .Also that being said most of these programs you will achieve 1x data speed and no MMS. Wiregrass Wireless will have a lifetime warranty on your flashed phone and will be a guaranteed 3g data in 99 % of phones done. Give us a call to discuss your handset. We can in some cases flash Metro and US Celluar models also.

What’s Included

  • Flash service allows you to use newer model cell phones and pay less for monthly service
  • Requires new Page Plus or Selectel Account or transfer of an existing pageplus or Selectel account
  • Requires “clean” electronic serial number.
  • Fully flashed Verizon 4glte phones support nationwide talk, text, web & picture messaging
  • Flash Service starts at $20.00 call for information on your model
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